July 26, 2002

Enough already with the pleas for assistance from what appear to be Congolese thugs or kleptocrats or whatever.

Geez, I accidentally opened one of these e-mails and now they’re coming in at a rate of at least a dozen a day.

I can barely make sense out of them anyway:

“We would please need you to stand on our behalf as the beneficiary of this fund in Europe. This is because we are under restricted movement and watch and hence we want to be very carefull in other not to lose this fund which we have worked so hard for. Thus, if you are willing to assist us move this fund out of Congo, you can contact me through my email address, Tel/Fax nos. above with your telephone, fax number and personal information to enable us discuss the modalities and what will be your share (percentage) for assisting us.”

Tempting, eh?

I’m sure there’s an article out there explaining this phenomenon, but I’m too irritated to look for it.


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