July 23, 2002

A new site, SmarterAndrewSullivan, nabs Andrew Sullivan for an odd attack the bitter Brit recently launched upon former Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart regarding the latter’s professed interest in reading Homer in the original Greek.

Here’s Sullivan in his second visit to the same non-issue:

“ALL GREEK TO HART: Several of you emailed to let me know that Gary Hart is not only a poseur, he’s not even a reader of ‘classical Greek.’ Here’s the gist: Anyone who knows ancient Greek and its literature would not refer to Homer’s Greek as ‘classical’, which generally designates the normative Attic dialect of Athens circa the 4th Century B.C. . . .”

So based upon this statement are we all supposed to believe or assume that “anyone who knows ancient Greek and its literature” includes Sullivan? I’m not buying it.

SmarterAndrewSullivan had a dead-on response to the same passage: “Well, when exactly did Gary Hart say he can read classical Greek? The answer: Never.”

But that’s Sullivan . . . Knocking down straw men, guns blazing.


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