July 18, 2002

There is nothing light about this story, which comes from the mother ship, but I’m republishing it here to maximize the exposure of this horrible situation.

If you love dogs as much as I do, and if you have a strong stomach and do not cry easily, stop by reading & writing for a story, two links, and a photograph that have left me clenching my teeth and wiping my eyes for the last 20 minutes. (R&W credits the bitter shack of resentment for raising the subject.)

R&W and TBSR alerted me to Daisy, a Sharpei-mix puppy who was burned -- set on fire, actually -- by some low-life piece of crap in Texas who, fortunately, has been apprehended by local authorities.

Some thoughts:

If you can’t properly take care of your pet, take it to someone or someplace that can.

Spay or neuter your pet, particularly strays and mixed breeds.

Do not breed your pet unless you are willing to agree, in writing, to take back any progeny you have sold, no questions asked.

If you see or suspect animal abuse or neglect, contact the proper authorities.

Send a donation to the Humane Society or the ASPCA, now and regularly, or with Daisy in mind, to the North Texas Humane Society, the organization that is nursing Daisy back to health at considerable expense.

Pray for Daisy. And pray for a better world.

And if you own a pet, give him or her some extra love and attention (and snacks) tonight. I think Daisy would like that. I know Mildred will.


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