July 25, 2002

Today, July 25, is the day to celebrate:

Republic Day, commemorating the end of the Tunisian monarchy and the establishment of a republic in 1957. Celebrated in Tunisia.

Flag of Tunisia

Guanacaste Day, commemorating the annexation of Guanacaste Bay. Celebrated in Costa Rica.

Day of Papa Ogou. The feast of St. Jacques le Majeur. Goats and sheep are sacrificed. Celebrated in Haiti.

Feast of St. James the Greater, brother of St. John the Apostle and possibly a cousin of Jesus, the first apostle to be martyred -- stabbed by King Herod Agrippa. The patron saint of Spain, Chile, Guatemala, arthritis patients, equestrians, furriers, pharmacists, and veterinarians. Celebrated in the Catholic Church.

Feast of St. Christopher, third-century Christian martyr. The patron saint of travelers, drivers, bachelors, sailors, and truckers. Celebrated in the Catholic Church.


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