August 06, 2002

This just in from the daily e-mail blast distributed by the kind people at “Larry King Live”:

Joe Esposito -- ‘the King’s’ closest friend saw it all -- from the addictions, divorce and eventually his death. Tune in for intimate stories about the King of Graceland.

“Join Larry tonight at 9 p.m. EST as Joe shares private memories and personal pictures as we remember the REAL Elvis.”

That’s Larry King for you. Always right there with the people you want to hear from the most. The congenitally criminal Bush administration is preparing for an undeclared war on Iraq and King’s spending an hour talking about perpetual loser Elvis Presley, his drug problems, his divorce (King is an expert on this topic), and his pathetic death.

Come on! The guy’s been dead longer than most of King’s wives have been alive. Can we move on please?


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