September 27, 2002

A week or so ago I was watching “The Golden Girls” on Lifetime -- Hey, I like sitcoms with older Jewish actresses playing even older Italian characters who bear an uncanny, almost eerie, resemblance to my paternal relatives, okay? -- and Sophia Petrillo, the character played by Estelle Getty, said, get this: “Let’s roll!”

“Let’s roll!” Yes! “Let’s roll!” How about that? “Let’s roll” was a phrase in wide and very generic use even before 1992, the year of the series finale, at least nine years before the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001.

I wonder if the litigious über-widow and uncompromising trademark claimant, Lisa Beamer, was watching.

I wonder if Lisa Beamer is planning to sue the producers for trademark infringement.

I wonder if Lisa Beamer is planning to sue the increasingly disabled Miss Getty for the same.

I wonder if Lisa Beamer will get royalties every time that rerun is aired.

I wonder why Lisa Beamer is appearing at the Target store in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., tomorrow.

I wonder when Lisa Beamer’s attorneys will start hounding me.

I wonder if I can trademark the phrase, “Let’s barf!”


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