November 24, 2002

Another test taken. This time to determine my religious affiliation.

According to the test, I should be a Christian Scientist, a religion with which the test has found I have an affinity of 100 percent. That’s not much of a surprise as I have been an on-again, off-again student of the subject for nearly 20 years.

The Mother Church

The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass.

Christian Science is followed by Mainline to Liberal Christian-Protestant, with an affinity of 90 percent, and Mainline to Conservative Christian-Protestant, at 88 percent. Well, there I am, running hot and cold, as always.

Catholicism ranked fifth, with a 69 percent affinity, tied with the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Pulling up the rear: Atheism/Agnosticism, at 16 percent. No surprise that.

And working up from there, Secular Humanism, at 20 percent (again, no surprise); Jainism, also at 20 percent (Where’s that damn dictionary?); Taoism, at 27 percent (my familiarity is limited to a passing glance at The Tao of Pooh some 30 years ago); and Theravada Buddhism, at 37 percent (And I still haven’t found that dictionary.).


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