November 29, 2002

People like Sue Shell Chrisco shouldn’t make me feel bad about how disorganized I am, and how much of a procrastinator I can be, but with this Letter to Heloise, published today, Sue’s doing a damn good job of it:

When I open my Christmas cards, I save all the envelopes, making sure each has the address on it. After the holidays, I address my Christmas-card envelopes for next year, using this year’s envelopes to go by. I put these in a place where I can have them at my fingertips for next year. It then takes just a few minutes to make changes or add new ones to the list.

I also go shopping the day after Christmas and make sure that I buy Christmas cards when they are at half-price. It’s a joy to get those cards out the first of December and know that the cards are ready to go. [Emphasis added.]

Gee whiz, Sue, why wait until December 1 to send the cards? It sounds to me like they could go as early as January 2.

I think this one left even Heloise speechless, as she offered no cheerful comment or rapturous praise in response.

I was particularly struck by this statement: “I put these in a place where I can have them at my fingertips for next year.” Amazing. If I want something I’m working on today to be at my fingertips a year from now, it will have to remain physically attached during the entire period.

And I still haven’t bought new plates and glasses.


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