November 06, 2002

The Best and Worst of the City of Brotherly Love

Arranged in Thoroughly Random and Unrelated Pairings

PHILADELPHIA - LOVE IT: Philadelphia’s financial district is small and insignificant. Visitors who are not aware of its location could walk right through what is called the financial district and not realize they had done so. The presence of the financial services industry, while greater than most people probably think, is not readily discernible. Investment bankers and portfolio managers are not lauded in the local media, idolized by the general population (nor the city’s social and cultural elites), nor fawned over in the city’s restaurants and nightclubs. Or at least not anywhere that matters.

align="center" height="280" width="380">

A Portion of the Philadelphia Skyline at Dusk

PHILADELPHIA - HATE IT: Philadelphia is where parking garages and parking lots go to die, or to live forever, or something, I don’t know what. I doubt there is a major city in America where above-ground parking garages and street-level parking lots occupy as much space in the core downtown business district as they do in Philadelphia. If you can’t find a parking space in Center City Philadelphia, you deserve to spend the day in your car.


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