November 20, 2002

Over the weekend I received a message on my answering service that clearly was not intended for me, but, gee whiz, it was fascinating.

All I can say is that there’s a man somewhere in Philadelphia who’s in for a great big surprise soon.

Let’s listen in:

Hello, Mr. _____, this is _____.

I want to come in and talk to you. I got a closing on this house today, so you know I’ve got the house, I got the car.

And the next thing I’m going after is his retirement fund and his savings plan and I think I will need your assistance with that.

And then, you know, I will file for divorce.

So if you could call me back at (215) ###-#### sometime today because, you know, as of the closing this afternoon, I will have the financing to take care of you financially and I just want to set everything in motion

Thank you very much. The phone number is (215) ###-####.



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