December 16, 2002

From the good people at Johnson & Johnson: The BAND-AID® Brand Timeline.

A few milestones:

1921: BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive bandages make their first appearance on the market. They are made by hand and not a big hit. They were three inches wide and eighteen inches long. Only $3,000 worth are sold the first year.

1940: The little red string used to open BAND-AID® Brand wrappers makes its first appearance.

And the phrase “Damn it!” takes on a whole new meaning for millions of caring mothers across America.

1963: Adhesive bandages go into space with the Mercury astronauts.

Within the hushed confines of Houston Control, Alan Shepard is overheard muttering into his mouthpiece, “Damn it! We can put a man in space and they can’t get this little red string to work?!”

1988: Perestroika arrives in Eastern Europe and so does the BAND-AID® brand.

And the phrase “Damn it!” enters the lexicon of millions of caring mothers from Warsaw to Sofia.


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