January 28, 2003

Today's French "word of the day" from Transparent.com, which offers a useful and free e-mail service offering such words in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and English for Spanish speakers, is suivre, which means "to follow."

Transparent.com provides this example of suivre used in a sentence:

Une chose importante dont il faut se souvenir lorsqu'on rencontre des gens dans d'autres pays est de suivre leurs coutumes.

That is: "An important thing to remember when meeting people in other countries is to follow their customs."

Good advice, and advice so often given to, or thrust upon, Americans traveling abroad, particularly to Europe, and even more so, to France.

Funny, though, at least I've always thought, how few Europeans, and still fewer of the French, consider this same advice when heading to the U.S.


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