January 23, 2003

Steroidal side-show freak Arnold Schwarzenegger, a/k/a Mr. Maria Shriver -- Who wears the posing strap in that family? -- is joining lame-oh couple Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick in the litigation game.

In today's Philadelphia Inquirer I read: "Schwarzenegger does not want his picture used without permission -- even if it is thumbprint size and used by an Ohio car dealership in a '33-House Month-End Countdown' sale ad in a local newspaper. . . . Schwarzenegger is suing the Fred Martin car dealership and its ad agency for $20 million. 'Such activity diminishes his . . . well-deserved reputation as a major motion picture star and risks the potential for overexposure of his image to the public,' according to the complaint filed in federal court by the actor's attorneys."

A "well deserved reputation"?

"As a major motion picture star"?

"The potential for overexposure of his image"?

Who are these people kidding?

"Come and get me, baby!"

I wonder if Schwarzenegger's litigation-happy stance will erode his standing among California Republicans. Probably not.

[Post-publication addendum (January 30): Garry South in today's Los Angeles Times writes about steroid man's hypersensitivity: "If the image-obsessed Schwarzenegger decides to run for governor in 2006, he's in for the shock of his life. . . . Maybe in the movie business you can try to bully and intimidate your way into total control over your image. But in a political campaign, it's a jungle out there. Heavy-handed attempts to silence detractors are more likely to make a monkey out of you than out of them. . . . [I]f Schwarzenegger does run, here's some free advice from someone who works in the Democratic trenches: That hat had better come from a head significantly less swollen than the one it now occupies. And he'd better be prepared to get off his high horse and take the low blows."]


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