March 05, 2003

Joel Sandler, recently convicted of hiring a hit man to kill his estranged wife in order to avoid a financial settlement in their divorce, is back in the news.

Readers may remember Sandler as the cheapskate Mainline millionaire who peed into a cup -- the contents of which he would then throw out the window -- in order not to rack up his water bill.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports:

[Y]esterday, the only time he showed any emotion was when Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge William Nicholas revealed the fines attached to [Sandler's] 8 ½-to-25-year prison sentence.

The brooding former stockbroker actually flinched when Nicholas stated the fines for the criminal solicitation to commit murder -- $25,000 -- and for criminal use of a telephone - $15,000. [Emphasis added.]

You know, I'm fairly confident Sandler won't be throwing his urine around while he's in prison.


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