March 06, 2003

I never really "got" Diana, Princess of Wales. What was all the fuss about? She was only mildly attractive, her appearance enhanced in the "glamorous" way that ready access to a large fortune offers. She was only slightly intelligent, her second-rate education keeping her comfortably on a par with the preschoolers she once supervised. And she was merely borderline stable on an emotional and psychological level.

But the cult lives on. And on and on.

The latest lunacy: "The Spirit of Diana," coming to pay-per-view near you!

According to the program's producers, "The Spirit of Diana: The True Account of the Séances" will feature "renowned psychic-mediums" Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker, "psychic healer" and "one of Diana's closest friends and confidantes" Simone Simmons; "healer and acupuncturist to the princess" Oonagh Shanley-Toffolo, Diana's personal astrologist Penny Thornton, and Patricia Bankins TCT, RM, of
American Trance-Channel.

Also appearing, Andrew Morton, author of Diana: Her True Story, milking his withering franchise for every last quid; and Mohammed Al Fayed, father of Diana's consort, Dodi Al Fayed.

What's in store for this evening of fun?

Now, for the first time on television, we will reach out to the spirit world and attempt to communicate with Princess Diana.

Britain's most renowned psychics retrace Diana’s final journey, and gather with her closest friends to reach out to her spirit.

You know, if you keep watching this junk, they'll keep throwing it on there.


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