April 13, 2003

The first Philadelphia bloggers gathering was held last night, organized by the bright, witty, charming, and beautiful Nicole of Go Fish.

I actually arrived within a reasonable time after the starting hour and I had a terrific time. Many thanks to Nicole for her effort in assembling the, well, party.

My main regret was that I didn't get to speak with several people as much as I would have liked, and a prior commitment resulted in my missing the second half of the evening: the post coffeehouse bar-hopping.

I'll probably have some more comments to add later, but surfing around the web today, checking some of the other Philadelphia blogs, I was pleased and a bit amused to read this brief note at With Karate I'll Kick Your Ass, the remark falling within a discussion of some of last night's attendees:

Last but not least, Senate candidate Jim Capozzola himself, who doesn't look like any senator you or I have ever seen, unless your senator is a 40-ish Italian hipster.

I'll take that. In fact, I'll take that as a compliment. It might even be true: Susie? Jesse? Atrios?

Meanwhile, Danny Loss of No Loss For Words today posted this intriguing statement, but, alas, offered no observation about my own most assuredly decorous behavior:

I don't want to bore you with all the details of what was talked about, so instead I offer this observation: everyone's real life behavior mapped remarkably well onto their respective blogs.

Hmm…Do I resemble my blog(s)? An interesting question.

[Note: This item was posted earlier today in a slightly different form at The Rittenhouse Review.]


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