April 16, 2003

The woefully lacking in talent Ben Affleck and the sorrowfully lacking of anything except, well, you know, Jennifer Lopez in a remake of the classic film "Casablanca"?

Just one question: Is this the sixth or the seventh horse of the apocalypse?

If you share my opinion of this ghastly endeavor, please take a moment to sign the petition -- "Stop Them Before They Film Again!" -- today. (You will be asked for your e-mail address, but please know that it will not be published if you sign your name to this urgent and critically important appeal.)

Sadly, embarrassingly, even, not one person to whom I sent this appeal on a personal basis has signed the petition. Obviously, I have no clout. I suspect you have more. It's time for action.

[Ed.: This item subsequently was published at The Rittenhouse Review.]


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