May 27, 2003

I knew they were doing it to cans of tuna. You've probably noticed as well. There are now 6 ounces of tuna in a can that once contained 7 ½ ounces, though the size of the can has remained the same. Over the years I watched the allotted portion of tuna steadily decline in narrowing increments: first by ¼-ounce, then 1/8-ounce, and then 1/16-ounce.

Now I see they've done it with my dog food. (Well, not my dog food, the dog food I buy.) Or maybe they've been doing it all along and I just never noticed.

The bag that at one time, and I assumed still did, contained 20 pounds of dog food now holds only 17 ½ pounds of food. That's a 13-percent reduction in volume and yet I didn't notice a similar reduction in the retail price. In fact, I didn't notice any reduction in price at all.

This is inflation, pure and simple, albeit in a hidden form. I wonder whether the consumer price index catches this kind of chicanery?


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