July 27, 2003

Here’s a choice nugget from the “Arts & Leisure” section of today’s New York Times:

“Skin,” the first prime-time network series to take on what is euphemistically called the adult entertainment industry. And with a soupçon of Shakespeare, yet. “Skin” tells of the forbidden romance between a 17-year-old Mexican-Irish Romeo, whose father is the Los Angeles D.A., and a 16-year-old Jewish Juliet, whose father is a porn king. Or as the show’s Web site sums it up: “`Skin’ is about sex and race. `Skin’ is about politics. And most of all, `Skin’ is about skin: complexion, beauty, desire, attraction, obsession[,] and prejudice in contemporary Los Angeles.”

Almost makes you want to send L. Brent Bozell a check. Well, almost.


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