August 10, 2003

A Weekly TRR Feature

In today’s edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer: a line in the sand for gays in America (What would Midge Decter think of that metaphor?*); the sad story of a Villanova University history professor and her daughter; some promising suggestions for improving Fairmount Park and an editorial on the same subject; readers respond to (ridiculous) accusations of anti-Semitism against cartoonist Tony Auth; mayoral hopeful Sam Katz tries again to ride a skateboard (I guess nobody told Katz young people -- let alone young thugs -- don’t vote); Father Divine’s hotel is going condo; and Springsteen fever -- Enough already!

(* The reference is to Decter, Midge: “The Boys on the Beach,” Commentary, September 1980, pp. 35-48. Probably the most deranged, hysterical, psychotic, and mean-spirited “analysis” of “gay culture” ever published in an American “intellectual” magazine. Decter’s second husband, Norman Podhoretz, was editor of Commentary at the time of publication. If you would like a copy, in PDF format, please send me an e-mail.)


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