August 03, 2003

A Weekly TRR Feature

In Sunday’s edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer: architectural critic Inga Saffron reviews the spanking new footbal stadium, Lincoln Financial Field; Larry Eichel sets the stage, so to speak, for the Linc’s debut: tonight’s soccer match between Manchester United and FC Barcelona; Philadelphia’s murder rate is again on the rise; an editorial on gay marriage; an outbreak of ethnic tolerance in Kosovo; more about that despicable Israeli fence; President George W. Bush, “in fine health,” heads to the ranch for another vacation, and many see ample brush cutting in his immediate future; recently announced closings of underperforming Lord & Taylor stores sparks still more fretting over the future of the department store (L&T, though, is technically a “specialty retailer,” not a “traditional department store”); an editorial about Philadelphia’s jewel, Fairmount Park, along with favorite park memories and still more Fairmount Park memories; and last but not least: in praise, I think, of mullets.


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