August 24, 2003

A while back, in “100 Things About Me,” posted at TRR on October 18, I mentioned, in item number 43, that so far in my life I have been mistaken for a movie star on at least five separate occasions.

At the time I was speaking (or writing, anyway) generically, in the sense that none of those who made such a comment referred to any celebrity in particular. (“Celebrity,” by the way, rather than “movie star,” would have been more accurate phrasing for use in said list item.)

Instead, I guess, I reminded these people of someone famous, one person or another whose name they couldn’t at that moment recall, or, more flatteringly, I think, that they thought I just look like I should be famous.

Now, as it happens, within just the past two weeks I have heard the same thing again --three times.

However, in each of these three recent instances the observer cited a specific celebrity, namely: Pat Riley, Lou Reed, and Robert Downey Jr.

In each case I was only, at best, vaguely familiar with the names offered. So I did what any good blogger would do: I “Image Googled” them. All three of them: Riley, Reed, and Downey.

Having done so, I can say that I have no idea what I’m supposed to think about these comments, individually or collectively. I don’t know that I necessarily agree with them, individually or collectively. Or that I disagree with them, individually or collectively. Or that I am either flattered or horrified by them, individually or collectively.

What I wonder is whether it be possible to create a composite image of all three men? If so, I might be in a better position to decide.

Until then, I just don’t know what to think. Nor do you, I suppose. Of course, you may think Riley and/or Reed and/or Downey are, I don’t know, take your pick, handsome, stunning, gross, or disfigured, leading you to think that I too am either handsome, stunning, gross, or disfigured, as in, “Wow, Capozzola looks like Pat Riley? Get me his phone number! Now!”

And also until then, you have little to go on, as I’ve never published my photo here or at The Rittenhouse Review and it’s nowhere to be found on the web.

Of course, if the Philadelphia Inquirer had included my photo in its recent feature on Philly bloggers (“Booming Blogs,” by Beth Gillin, August 21), the mystery, such as it is, would have been solved.

On that note, I’m feeling a little insecure right now, because the Inquirer photographer must have taken at least 200 shots of me -- in beautiful Rittenhouse Square, no less -- and yet not one of those photos made the cut. I know I take a bad photograph, but gee whiz, that’s ridiculous! What are the odds?

(Actually, I’m just kidding. The Inquirer’s Gillin assured me the photos were just fine: a matter of space constraints, Gillin said. Or maybe she was just being kind.)

So, if you really want to know what I look like, and you probably don’t, I guess you’re just going to have to wait until my upcoming appearance on “The View.”


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