September 29, 2003

I enjoy finding out that a person I had always assumed, based largely on appearance, to be older than I is actually the same age or younger.

Such is the case, I learned yesterday while reading the October issue of Philadelphia magazine, with WPHT-AM radio personality and Philadelphia Daily News columnist Michael Smerconish. [Ed.: The article is not online. See “Mike in the Morning,” p. 29.]

It turns out Smerconish, Philadelphia’s most insufferable talk-show host -- think big-mouthed right-winger who doesn’t hang up on callers -- is only 41.

Philadelphia published a rather flattering photo of Smerconish along with the brief article.

He looks older than 41, and much older than I, if I must say so myself. (I guess I sort of have to, since who else would?)

And I’m not just saying that because he’s bald and I’m not.


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