December 30, 2003

The annual Mummers Parade will be held, as usual, weather permitting, in Philadelphia on Thursday, January 1. This year the parade will be on Broad Street, an attempt to recapture some of the spirit of the past and better connecting the event to its South Philly roots.

That’s not enough for Philadelphia Daily News columnist Ronnie Polaneczky (“Revive the Vibe of Mayhem at Parade,” December 29).

Ronnie wants mayhem. Mayhem and beer. Free-flowing beer for everyone. No public restrooms along Broad Street? Who cares? Polaneczky wants everybody to get all rowdy and stuff. And head for the nearest alley when nature calls, as it inevitably does under such conditions: over and over and over again.

She writes:

[W]e ought to figure out how to revive the vibe of mayhem that used to flow like beer along the Mummers parade route.

I know -- it was usually the beer that caused the mayhem. Still, the possibility of mayhem breaking out at any moment can do wonders for a parade.

Like make people want to attend it.

Polaneczky’s recommendation is juvenile and irresponsible, not half as cute as she thinks it is.

And she obviously doesn’t live near Broad Street.


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