December 12, 2003

This is a real headline from a real newspaper: “Boxing-gloved Gangs Attack Pedestrians.”

The article, by Regina Medina, who gets points just for having that name, appeared in Tuesday’s Philadelphia Daily News.

The gangs, working in groups of five to 15, attack pedestrians and bikers without warning.

Clad in black-hooded sweatshirts and black skullcaps, they hunt down victims in the dark, then beat them mercilessly, shouting “Get him!” and “you ain’t goin’ nowhere!”

In at least one case, they stabbed a young man with a knife. In another, they shot an advertising salesman who stopped to ask for directions. They’re [sic] motive is uncertain.

But it’s the boxing gloves that give these attacks an added bizarre twist.

“I’ve never seen that before -- using boxing gloves to beat up people,” said Lt. Walter Bell, head of Special Investigations in South Detectives.

Detective Larry McKnight, one of the lead investigators, says he’s seen a lot in his 30 years as a cop. “This is a first for me.”

Police say they believe seven incidents, all in South Philadelphia, are linked to one or more gangs that have been randomly attacking people near the Courtyard at the Riverview, also known as the “Tower,” a residential area just south of Queen Village.

I’m really not trying to make light of this. But it’s strange, isn’t it?


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