January 20, 2004

There have been days recently when I have felt truly cursed. Today is one of them.

For whatever reason I decided this afternoon to wash my bed pillows. When the wash was complete, I opened the machine only to find the covers had been shredded.

Not that big a deal, I know, especially if this were merely an isolated incident -- not to say that I’ve been having laundry tragedies on a regular basis -- but as part of what’s starting to look like a pattern, I can’t help but feel just a bit targeted, shall we say.

They’re really nice pillows, too. They’re old, quite old -- Maybe even 10 or 12 years old? -- but they’re top-quality down pillows that cost quite a bit of money, even way back then.

A friend suggested I simply sew up the damaged seams.

Huh? I thought she knew me better than that.

Tomorrow I will see what the manager at the dry cleaning shop says. If it’s too expensive, I’ll check with mom. I’m not throwing these away. I can’t afford to live like that anymore.


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