January 11, 2004

Eagles Win!

Philadelphia Eagles 20

Green Bay 17

Donovan McNabb, Duce Staley, David Akers, Brian Dawkins, Andy Reid, and so many others!

Sure, that was a strange ending, but who cares? It was a great game, and I’m glad it’s noisy in Philadelphia tonight.

A good kind of noisy.

Post-publication addendum (January 12): Coverage of the Eagles in today’s daily newspapers.


Birds Get a Win on the Wild Side,” by Bob Brookover

Eagles Turn Back Packers in OT,” by Bob Brookover

An Early Stand That Mattered Late,” by Larry Eichel

Panthers Ready for Visit to the Linc,” by Frank Fitzpatrick

The Start of Something Big?” by Bob Ford

Akers’ Answer was Blowing in the Wind,” by Ashley McGeachey Fox

Quiet Skepticism Finally Grows Into Fans’ Joyful Noise,” by Patrick Kerkstra and Matthew P. Blanchard

Eagles Once Again Find Way to Keep Dream Alive,” by Bill Lyon

Eagles Blitz Aids Dawkins’[s] Big Interception,” by Ron Reid

Circumstances of Defeat Leave Packers Devastated,” by Jim Salisbury

‘Ya gotta believe,’ he said, Especially on 4th and Long,” by Phil Sheridan

Sherman Inexcusably Folds at Crunch Time,” by Stephen A. Smith


Eagles’ Brown Bounces Back,” by Les Bowen

Perfectly Eagle,” by Les Bowen

In Our Mind There’s Nothing in Carolina,” by Will Bunch

Adding to the List of Sports' Miracle Plays,” by Bill Conlin

Johnson's Only Concern is the Final Score,” by Paul Domowitch

Like the Other Greats, McNabb Kept Firing Away,” by Sam Donnellon

Play That Might Live Forever,” by Paul Hagen

Hard to Figure, So Just Enjoy,” by Rich Hoffman

A Yard Short, Packers Wouldn’t Take Big Gamble,” by Mike Kern

Fans Never Gave Up Hope,” by Jim Nolan

Dawkins Waits and Gets His Chance,” by Dana Pennett O’Neil

Akers Atones Nicely for Rare Miss,” by Dana Pennett O’Neil

Hip-flexor Injury Keeps Vincent on Sidelines,” by Dana Pennett O’Neil

Unlocking the Keys,” by PDN staff

Panthers Not a Team to be Taken Lightly,” by John Smallwood


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