February 10, 2004

Requiescat in Pacem

A Paid Death Notice

TRR: The Lighter Side of Rittenhouse: 2002-2004.

(I regret to inform you there is, and there will not be, an obituary in the New York Times.)

It’s time to call an end to TRR.

This day was inevitable, I think. If you’re not a blogger you can be forgiven for not understanding how much effort the most serious practitioners of this craft put into their work. Speaking only for my little self, I’ve published, between the two sites, on a single day, as many as 12 (maybe more, but that’s the number that sticks in my head), mostly substantive, posts on a single day.

Anyway, going forward, TRR will be folded into my primary blog, The Rittenhouse Review. (I’d like to move all of TRR’s already published content to Rittenhouse, but while this is technically feasible, it will be extraordinarily time consuming.)

More accurately, that which otherwise would have be posted at TRR instead will be posted at Rittenhouse.

TRR was labeled, “The Lighter Side of Rittenhouse. With a Slice of Philadelphia Just for the Helluvit.” I liked the blog. But that’s just me. It is no more.

What does this all mean to Rittenhouse readers, those at least, all too many I’m sad to say, who aren’t familiar with TRR?

Well, from now on, like it or not, you can expect to read more at Rittenhouse about Philadelphia: what’s going on here; my observations about the strange, the true, and the strange but, or strange and, true, of this great but weird city; and more of TRR’s surprisingly appreciated “Overheard” series. And, of course, via TRR, my mixed attempts at humor, along with slices of my incredibly boring life.

Be prepared. The purportedly pretentious “seriousness” and “ponderousness” of Rittenhouse -- I don’t know, that’s the kind of thing my critics say about me -- will be reduced or impaired by this merger of the two sites, but I think you’ll like it. At least I hope so.

[Note: A similar post was published earlier this evening at Rittenhouse.]