May 26, 2005

Maybe Not

Don’t mark your calendars on this one just yet.

Although a second Live Aid concert, 20 years after the first, is reportedly in the works, scuttlebutt has organizers overlooking Philadelphia in favor of New York or Washington as the American host of the event.

The Philadelphia Daily News today reports (“Live Aid 2 Won’t Be Here, Reports Imply,” by Catherine Lucey):

So far nothing official has been said by organizer Bob Geldof, of the Boomtown Rats. But BBC News reported last week that plans were under way for a show on July 2 in London. The New York Daily News Tuesday reported the same thing. […]

The BBC said the stateside portion might be in Washington, D.C., while the News placed it possibly in New York City. […]

The Philadelphia Daily News e-mailed Geldof’s management to ask why Philly was getting the shaft, but didn’t get a response.

New York or Washington. How original.


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