May 11, 2005

I Did. But Won’t. And Don’t.

I recently had a major hankering for sushi, an appetite satisfied with an ample and delicious serving of same, along with miso soup and seaweed salad, at Aoi Japanese Restaurant, 1210 Walnut St., Philadelphia, whereat I spent about $30, for one meal, solely for myself.

Would I go back?

“Yes, I would. The sushi was terrific, and the service was good,” would have been my answer had you asked me that night or any evening since then . . . until tonight.

I stopped in the same restaurant about two hours ago hoping for a similar experience, albeit probably at half the price as I had had a late lunch earlier today.

Sadly, from the perspective of everyone involved, beginning about two hours ago I spent thirty-five (35) [Ed.: 35!] minutes sitting and waiting for even one waitperson (Actually, there are only waitresses there.) to notice me, acknowledge me, wait on me, or ask me for my order.

All to no avail.

And so, after waiting, fruitlessly, or fishlessly, for thirty-five (35) [Ed.: 35!] minutes, and also after having complained about said delay to the restaurant’s manager -- a woman who apologized (“Very busy this morning. I mean, this evening.”), but who offered nothing, not even a modest discount or a three-dollar appetizer on the house for my considerable inconvenience -- I feel compelled to steer all readers of the blog, and the parent blog, The Rittenhouse Review, away, in perpetuity throughout the universe, from that which hangs out its shingle as Aoi Japanese Restaurant.

There are so many other options for sushi in Philadelphia. Please join me in patronizing those establishments instead.


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