November 08, 2005

There are plenty of stories in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News about the departure of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens, but my favorite is “Few Fans, No Sit-Ups at T.O.’s Masion,” by the Inquirer’s Keith Pompey, reporting from Moorestown, N.J., in which we hear from Owens’s next-door neighbor, Marybeth Taras.

Taras says, with apparent conviction, “I’m ready to have a new neighbor. I'm ready to have a family live next door.” She added, “I think the team is better off without him. I think it is time for him to go.”

Only later in the article does Taras deliver her punch line, wondering aloud whether Owens can sell quickly his home in Morristown. Pompey reports: “‘We would like for him to do something with the lawn,’ Taras said, while looking at Owens’[s] bald lawn. ‘Do you think he’ll be able to sell the house with the lawn looking like that?’”

By the way, Owens is asking $4.4 million for his spread.


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