December 09, 2005

If Not, Listen to Radio Times Tonight

This morning I caught Marty Moss-Coane’s excellent program Radio Times on WHYY Radio (Philadelphia, 90.9 FM), the second hour of which was devoted to discussing and, what the heck, let’s just say so, promoting, Double Down, this season’s holiday offering from Philadelphia’s 1812 Productions, featuring Scott Greer and Tony Braithwaite.

I haven’t seen Double Down, but Green and Braithwaite were hilarious on Moss-Coane’s program. And Marty did quite well herself playing a nurse in a skit the three performed on air.

I hear from WHYY promos this evening that the station will rebroadcast this segment at 11:00 p.m. tonight.

You should make a point of catching the program, and if you can, seeing the show at the Adrienne Theatre, and maybe buying me a ticket.

(I was just kidding about that ticket part.)


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