June 15, 2006

KYW News Radio reports the Friends of Rittenhouse Square are holding their annual fundraiser, including a black-tie ball, in the park this week.

Reporter Hadas Kuznits got this quote from ball organizer Mary Porenzi:

The square is one of the five squares that Ben Franklin made when he made Philadelphia, and so we want to preserve it and keep it the way it is -- and it's a gorgeous square! It's probably the busiest square on the east coast.

Allow me to make introductions: Ms. Porenzi, this is Mr. William Penn. Mr. Penn, Ms. Porenzi.

[Post-publication addendum: By way of Blinq, I see that I should have attributed the placement of Rittenhouse Square, as part of the original Philadelphia grid, to Capt. Thomas Holmes. Further introductions: Mr. Capozzola, this is Captain Holmes. Captain Holmes, Mr. Capozzola.]


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