June 29, 2006

An update on the recent shooting of Nashay Little.

The Philadelphia Daily News today reports in "Cops Nab Teen in Girl's Shooting," by Dan Geringer and Christine Olley:

The district attorney charged Vaughn Wiley, 15, as an adult with aggravated assault and attempted murder in the June 13 shooting.

After announcing the arrest yesterday on Sigel Street near 22nd, where the shooting occurred, Police Chief Inspector Joseph Fox, head of detectives, said a second arrest might come soon.

The Daily News says police received help from the public, which is a welcome change from business as usual around here.

As for Miss Little, "Nashay is recovering at home from the bullet that hit a major artery in her left leg and threatened both the leg and her life until surgeons at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia saved her."

(See also the Philadelphia Inquirer's report by Barbara Boyer.)


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