July 01, 2006

I need a new stereo. Even a new radio. Just something that will allow me to branch out from the AM world.

KYW, or "K-Y-W . . . News Radio . . . Ten Sixty!", as they call it, or sing it, incessantly, hereabouts, is all fine and good, but it's too repetitive and news-by-the-nugget for my taste.

And some of these reporters? Please!

Take Hadas Kuznits, will you?

She's on the air, like, constantly, and while she's capable and such, the woman has a voice for print, if you catch my drift.

[Post-publication addendum (July 5): Oh, the FM radio works again. Never mind.]

[Post-publication addendum: (July 6): I forgot about this one, until a reader reminded me. On essentially the same subject, see "Just Asking," from May 27, 2005.]


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