September 29, 2006

I know Mariska Hargitay wins awards for showing up her work on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, but I think she's terrible, as in consistently awful.

Hargitay's performance on the series reminds me of the also-lauded and awarded efforts of Candice Bergen on the tiresome series, Murphy Brown.

Yeah, Candice, I get it, you can scowl. You can really do cranky. Here's another Emmy.

It's pretty much the same with Hargitay. Nice, Mariska, you've really got that quizzical look of concern down. Care for some swag?

And so I've never understood why people are so crazy about Hargitay. And now today I see from my friend Tom Boggioni that it's all about that.

I suppose. But, really? Because I'm still not getting it.


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