September 25, 2006

So the great big "smoking ban" took effect in Philadelphia today, a good 90 days before almost anyone thought it would given the disinformation, or lack of information, campaign perpetrated by Lilliputian Mayor John F. Street and others ahead of his delayed signing of the bill produced by city council.

I wasn't opposed to this law, and frankly I thought Mayor Street was being a baby about the politics surrounding the measure and the exemption for sidewalk cafes, but this immediate enforcement is not what I signed on for.

And I'm still sitting here wondering why nobody ever asked whether the mayor's deeply held religious beliefs (which extend so far as to affect scheduling the man) guided his stance on the issue, since any Catholic politician -- whether devout, merely practicing, or simply of the family-heritage variety -- who holds even the slightest reservation whatsoever about abortion on demand is immediately accused of bringing religion into the public square.


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