November 20, 2006

We just had two weeks of "unseasonably mild," as they call it, weather here in Philadelphia, and now it's cold again.

Inside and out; more inside than out. I think my landlord hates heat. Or, at least, he hates giving it to us. What does he care? He lives in New Jersey. I assume it's warmer over there.

Anyway, it doesn't matter much. I'm going away for the holiday on Wednesday, so there's relief in the near future.

Oh, wait, I'm headed north. Way north. Like, kooky north. The kind of north that makes you say, "What the hell are you people doing up here, anyway?"

Never mind.

(Actually, the forecast isn't that bad. I remember going home for Easter one year during college, the day after three feet of snow fell on the ground. In April. Now, that was weird.)


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