May 12, 2003

Hey, this short piece from yesterday's Boston Herald reminds me of an episode from "The Golden Girls":

Women at a rowdy bachelorette party in Jerusalem hired a male stripper dressed as a policeman to perform for the bride-to-be, but they didn't know the cop who showed up at the door was a real officer who was there in response to neighbors' complaints about the noise.

The ladies started removing his clothes and fondling him, thinking his protestations were part of the act. They had gotten his shirt off when his partner intervened and put a stop to it.

The details vary only slightly from the episode in which "the girls" gave Dorothy (played by Bea Arthur) a bridal shower, and Blanche (played by Rue McClanahan), mistaking the policeman who arrived on the lenai for the stripper she hired, pinches the cop's butt, yelling, "Honk! Honk!"


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