July 10, 2002

Catch the world’s worst actress -- Melissa Gilbert -- in what I’m willing to bet is one of her most awful performances to date.

Gilbert stars in “Murder at 75 Birch,” to be shown on Wednesday, July 10, 2002, on the cable network Lifetime, a/k/a “Television for Women.” (Check local listings, as they say.)

This should be a great film. “Based on the true story of a woman who aids the police in exposing the involvement of her brother-in-law in the murder of his wife,” according to Lifetime. The “film” stars Gilbert, Gregory Harrison, Jack Blessing, Judith Carter, and Wendel Meldrum.

I always like catching a really horrible Gilbert movie. The woman’s a complete joke, or at least reveals Hollywood to be an utter farce. I mean, more shocking than Gilbert’s unambiguous lack of talent is that her colleagues earlier this year elected her president of the Screen Actors Guild.

So I guess what they say about sewers and the biggest chunks really is true.


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