July 10, 2002

I hate to slam a store, business, or web site based on one bad experience, but it will be a long time before I place another order with Buy.com.

I've been champing at the bit to read Ann Coulter’s latest book, the eponymously entitled Slander, so that I could review it at The Rittenhouse Review.

However, as it took two weeks for Buy.com to get Coulter’s screed to me, it now hardly seems worth the effort.

Coulter’s book already has been eviscerated on the right and the left, and deservedly so. And she has made a complete fool of herself on television and radio, a delightful treat in and of itself.

I guess I still plan to read the thing, but unless I find something in it that is particularly ridiculous -- the chances for which, I have to say, are quite high -- I’m afraid I missed out on this one.


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