July 18, 2002

It’s time to let someone else be funny at |||trr|||. Someone who’s funnier than I am. Is that possible? Who is it?

Madeleine Begun Kane.

Kane, a/k/a Mad Kane, maintains a highly entertaining web site where she publishes Dubya’s Daily Diary, along with a weblog and terrific humor pieces, including Kane’s specialty: writing new lyrics, mostly with political themes, to be sung to the melodies of various well known tunes.

A few snippets:

“On Wall Street” (To be sung to “On Broadway”)

“They say that things are really bad on Wall Street.

They say there’s much malfeasance in the air.

But I don’t want to hurt my friends.

And tough laws give my pals the bends.

Then donors drop right off and I’m nowhere . . .”

“Ashcroft’s Favorite Things” (To be sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things”)

“Rifles and roscoes and Winch’sters and cannons,

Rich NRA guys who own lots of weapons,

Generous men to whose pockets I cling,

These are a few of my favorite things...”

We particularly enjoyed Kane’s July 17 weblog entry about a portion of the speech President George W. Bush gave in Birmingham, Ala., two days earlier.

It’s all just a small part of Madeleine . . . musician, attorney, writer, humorist.

Visit early and often.


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