October 24, 2002

President George W. Bush reads.

I know, of course he does, but leave it to Lloyd Grove to draw our attention to the president’s latest accomplishment, getting all the way through, or at least I assume so, The Everlasting Stream: A True Story of Rabbits, Guns, Friends, and Family, by Walt Harrington.

President Bush was so impressed, Grove reports, that he sent Harrington a “handwritten letter on White House stationery,” eloquently singing the book’s praises.

The letter reads, in part: “Dear Walt, I just finished ‘The Everlasting Stream’ and I liked it a lot. The old boy can still write. You understand what it means to be a friend, an outdoorsman, a husband[,] and a dad. . . . I really enjoy my job. The only problem with this place is there aren’t enough rabbit hunters up here.”

What I would give to know what profound observation the ellipsis skims over.

I wonder if the president has to write a one-page book report for wife Laura Bush before moving on to his next selection.


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