October 18, 2002

A number of bloggers have published their own “100 Things About Me.” I’m not sure why I’m doing so, since I’m a very private person, but I don’t think I’m giving too much away here. However, if I change my mind, this list might suddenly disappear, and I reserve the right to take such action.

1. I have nine siblings.

2. I am number seven and I know that was your next question because it always is.

3. I own a bulldog named Mildred.

4. I used to own a bulldog named Mona.

5. I used to own a bulldog named Montgomery.

6. I don’t enjoy seeing movies at movie theaters.

7. I have seen one movie, in a theater, in the past three years.

8. I hate popcorn.

9. I can type faster than anyone I know.

10. I just had a milestone birthday.

11. I am not happy about having had this milestone birthday.

12. I once owned a black Jeep Wrangler, my first car.

13. I once owned a black Infiniti J30, my second car.

14. I no longer own a car.

15. I don’t miss owning a car.

16. I know my next car will be black.

17. I hate rain.

18. I hate driving in the rain, especially at night.

19. I can’t tolerate hot weather.

20. I used to spend nearly every summer weekend at the beach and on the beach.

21. I haven’t been in the sun in six years.

22. I have spent 17 years working in securities analysis and financial journalism.

23. I cannot manage my personal finances.

24. I believe credit-card interest should be deductible again.

25. I hate mushrooms.

26. I firmly believe corn is for cows and not humans.

27. I love steak tartar.

28. I love raw oysters.

29. I love caviar.

30. I love champagne.

31. I love paté de foie gras but I won’t eat it anymore because of the geese.

32. I am very argumentative.

33. I am very impatient.

34. I have no tolerance for spoiled rich kids.

35. I have even less tolerance for spoiled rich adults.

36. I rarely listen to music.

37. I enjoy going to the symphony.

38. I have mixed feelings about the Kimmel Center viz-à-viz the Academy of Music.

39. I have small hands.

40. I have thin lips.

41. I have a full head of hair.

42. I have not yet seen my first gray hair.

43. I have been mistaken for a movie star on at least five different occasions.

44. I keep my fingernails cut very short.

45. I can’t get any work done if my fingernails are not very short.

46. I was valedictorian of my high school class.

47. I hated graduate school.

48. I have moved 12 times since graduate school.

49. I hate moving.

50. I think New York isn’t what it used to be and not in a good way.

51. I have a hard time throwing away magazines.

52. I hate wall-to-wall carpeting.

53. I prefer gas stoves.

54. I rarely cook so it doesn’t really matter.

55. I only wear solids, no prints or stripes.

56. I only wear five different colors, that way everything matches.

57. I only own black shoes.

58. I don’t enjoy talking on the phone.

59. I once had 12 beautiful bonsai trees.

60. I now have 1 beautiful bonsai tree.

61. I kill plants -- and bonsai trees -- easily, but unintentionally.

62. I have known my best friend for 22 years.

63. I read a lot.

64. I can’t remember the last good work of fiction I read.

65. I have not been out of the country since I was 17.

66. I have been giving serious thought lately to moving to Europe.

67. I stay at jobs too long.

68. I have been told I am “the best boss ever.”

69. I am proud of what my past employees have accomplished.

70. I suspect my last boyfriend was my last boyfriend and that’s okay.

71. I don’t have “a type.”

72. I do not like to be fixed up.

73. I am painfully shy.

74. I cannot sign a check or a credit-card receipt if the cashier is watching.

75. I suspect cashiers often think I am engaging in forgery.

76. I find it difficult to meet new people.

77. I am living in a situation that calls upon me to meet new people.

78. I am very funny but few people know that.

79. I have battled depression with limited success for 25 years.

80. I believe social anxiety disorder is a real disease.

81. I believe psychotherapy is bogus.

82. I think Freud was a fraud.

83. I haven’t had a physical in 20 years.

84. I don’t trust doctors.

85. I sometimes wonder if I’m dying.

86. I have at least one filling in every single tooth in my head.

87. I no longer have my wisdom teeth.

88. I have had four root canals.

89. I have three crowns.

90. I wore a retainer for two years as an adult.

91. I think dentists like me.

92. I wonder if dentists think I’m an easy mark.

93. I have nice-looking teeth regardless.

94. I smoked heavily in college and during the first year of graduate school.

95. I quit because cigarettes were 80 cents a pack and I couldn’t afford it.

96. I used to ski fairly often but I don’t anymore.

97. I used to play tennis quite a bit but I don’t anymore.

98. I like to play blackjack a little too much.

99. I miss my grandparents and I wish I had known them better.

100. I wonder why they limit this exercise to 100 things.


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