October 14, 2002

Homeobox, the philosophical weblog that is the brainchild of Win Fitzpatrick, is always an enlightening read, even though the site hasn’t been updated in a month.

I say that even though I don’t always know what he’s talking about. Sometimes, though, he really nails it for me, as in this post, where he says he is “a reluctant dualist when it comes to phenomenal consciousness.”

Yeah. Yeah, that’s it. Me too! A reluctant dualist, but only when it comes to phenomenal consciousness. Otherwise, forget about it!

If the consciousness is non-phenomenal, then I’m a . . . I’m a . . . I’m an eager dualist. Or am I a reluctant singularist in that case? What’s a singularist? Is “singularist” a real word?

Oops! Gotta’ run. “Gilligan’s Island” is starting.


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