December 02, 2002

Here’s a new twist on a recent bloggers’ favorite and something I haven’t seen anywhere else on the web. I call it “100 Things I’ve Never Done.” If you didn’t think I was weird before reading this, you will now. I encourage you to try to create your own list. It’s not as easy as it looks.

I have never . . .

1. Been inside a Wal-Mart.

2. Joined a union.

3. Worked as an intern.

4. Been fired.

5. Eaten escargot.

6. Eaten truffles.

7. Eaten frogs’ legs.

8. Eaten a full serving of grits.

9. Been to Hooters.

10. Eaten at The Cheesecake Factory.

11. Stepped inside Dave & Buster’s.

12. Stayed at The Plaza.

13. Snowboarded.

14. Sky jumped.

15. Bungee jumped.

16. Climbed rocks.

17. Been spelunking.

18. Tried any of the martial arts.

19. Driven a motorcycle.

20. Attended a professional wrestling match.

21. Attended a boxing match.

22. Been to a dog track.

23. Played Dungeons & Dragons.

24. Played shuffleboard.

25. Played paintball.

26. Played squash.

27. Played golf.

28. Run a marathon.

29. Been picked first for any team.

30. Performed at Carnegie Hall.

31. Sung karaoke.

32. Appeared in a movie.

33. Had a tattoo.

34. Shaved my head (completely).

35. Hired an accountant.

36. Hired a financial planner.

37. Used heroin.

38. Swum with the dolphins.

39. Swum in the Pacific Ocean.

40. Taken an aerobics class.

41. Tried yoga.

42. Been treated with acupuncture.

43. Been treated by a chiropractor.

44. Seen a podiatrist.

45. Tried an established diet, fad or otherwise.

46. Colored my hair.

47. Worn an earring.

48. Cooked a turkey.

49. Made soup from scratch.

50. Gone bird watching.

51. Owned a gun.

52. Killed an animal with a gun.

53. Driven a pick-up truck.

54. Blown glass.

55. Knitted, crocheted, or cross-stitched.

56. Spun or weaved.

57. Churned butter.

58. Made soap, candles, or paper.

59. Exhibited or shown an animal.

60. Attended a Renaissance fair.

61. Reenacted anything from history.

62. Played second fiddle.

63. Bought a jazz album or CD.

64. Joined a book club.

65. Kept a journal.

66. Finished even one Virginia Woolf novel.

67. Required crutches.

68. Worn a cast.

69. Had a girlfriend.

70. Been engaged.

71. Been married.

72. Been a best man.

73. Thrown a bachelor party.

74. Hired a stripper.

75. Thrown a shower.

76. Had children.

77. Been given a birthday party, as an adult.

78. Committed a felony in a state where it was a felony.

79. Served on a jury.

80. Run for public office.

81. Met a president while he was president.

82. Seen a UFO.

83. Consulted an astrologist.

84. Spoken with a psychic.

85. Thrown the I-Ching.

86. Joined a cult.

87. Had my ears flushed.

88. Delivered a eulogy.

89. Been inside a synagogue or temple.

90. Seen an episode of “thirtysomething.”

91. Seen an episode of “L.A. Law.”

92. Seen an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

93. Seen an episode of “Queer as Folk.”

94. Seen Suzanne Somers’s Thigh-Master infomercial.

95. Seen a Star Trek movie.

96. Seen a James Bond movie.

97. Been to a rock concert.

98. Used pay-per-view.

99. Rented a DVD.

100. Been to the movies alone. (Except for one documentary, and it was in German, without subtitles, so that doesn’t really count.)


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