February 20, 2003

They're free! Well, really only the catalog is free, but still.

"The Blessings Doll Collection was created as a way to carry on and promote the memories of the virtuous Sisters and Nuns who sacrificed so much so we all could have a better life. They educated us, prayed for us, and kept us in their hearts. They've cared for the sick, the dying, the poor, and the homeless, as they still do today. The goal of Blessings is to keep the Nuns and Sisters in our hearts, in return for what they've done for us.

"The meticulously crafted dolls in their solemn traditional dress, along with all of their spiritual products, are available through their catalog. They make perfect gifts for birthdays, Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations, weddings, Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day, or any other special gift-giving occasion. Make your memories and reverence for the past come alive. Collect something so special you'll treasure it forever.

"The free Blessings catalog features Nun dolls that are available in the habits of 300 religious communities. Also in the catalog are Angels Among Us art (firefighters [Peggy Noonan, please call your office!], medics, teachers, and many more), Communion and Catholic School dolls (choose from their collection, or create your own collectible doll), and Nun figurines (beautifully sculptured, individually hand-painted).

"Get the free Blessings catalog today."

Yes, please do.


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