February 20, 2003

Yep, I'm crabby as all get out right now, but allow me to set out for you a hypothetical -- dreamed up out of my head, I assure you -- so that you might determine how you would respond in a similar situation.

You awake to find your eyes, or at least one of your eyes, extremely red, dry, and painful. You are unable, without the assistance of your hands, to open said eye. Said eye is excruciatingly sensitive to light. You are unable to function as a normal human being.

With this in mind, you make an appointment to see an ophthalmologist at one of the nation's most prestigious ophthalmic hospitals.

You see an ophthalmologist at said hospital. The ophthalmologist diagnoses anterior uveitis.

After the appointment the ophthalmologist writes prescriptions for three different types of eye-drops.

You leave said hospital with said prescriptions in hand and check not just the nearest pharmacy, but the nearest four pharmacies, all of which are located within three city blocks of said prestigious ophthalmic hospital.

You find that two of said pharmacies have none -- not one -- of the three prescribed medications in stock, and that the other two pharmacies have only one of the three prescribed medications.

Faced with this conundrum, do you:

(a) Ask the pharmacist to order the missing prescriptions and wait patiently, as long as two business days, until they are delivered;

(b) Search for another pharmacy where you might perhaps find all three medications in stock;

(c) Call the ophthalmologist and ask him to secure supplies for each of the three medications; or

(d) Go home and blog about it?


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