February 05, 2003

For years I heard people -- or saw tabloids -- call Michael Jackson "Wacko Jacko" and never fully understood why, celebrity gazing not being my kind of thing. But I did take the time to read today's article in the Philadelphia Daily News, "He's Jacko, Star of the Man-Boy Show," by Don Russell, and, well, gee whiz, I'm no psychiatrist, nor am I a lawyer, but Jackson seems to be to be both dangerously insane and habitually criminal.

A few snippets, but there's much more in the article:

"[J]ackson writes his best songs while sitting on the branches of a magic tree on his Neverland Ranch."

"[Jackson] vows to adopt two kids -- a boy and a girl -- from each continent."

Asked if he thinks it's appropriate to share his bed with a child, Jackson responded, "Why can't you share your bed? The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone. It's a beautiful thing. It's very right, it's very loving. Because what's wrong with sharing a love?"

Okay, just a little bit more:

"Whenever kids come here, they always want to stay with me . . . so I go, 'If it's OK with your parents, then yes, you can.' That includes his 'best friend,' Gavin, a 12-year-old with whom he is shown holding hands. The youngster met Jackson two years ago, after he was told he was dying of cancer. Jackson believes the cozy nights they spent together helped cure the boy. 'I am Peter Pan,' he crows. 'He represents youth, childhood, never growing up, magic, flying.'"

Enough already. Send in the straitjacket and the handcuffs.


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