March 27, 2003

Okay, yet another list, and one I can't blame on a fellow blogger, or on anyone really, the idea just came to me after completing the list of my 10 favorite sitcoms posted below.

I suppose everyone's taste in film could be described as eclectic. I'd like to think mine is also eclectic, but maybe it's just weird. I enjoy a deep and ponderous art film as much as the next intellectual, but I'll admit I have a weakness for some of the goofiest and silliest movies ever produced.

I call them "goofie moovies," and below are my 10 all-time favorites.

1. "What's Up, Doc?"

2. "Airplane"

3. "Zelig"

4. "Airplane 2"

5. "Mermaids"

6. "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery"

7. "What's Up, Tiger Lily?"

8. "Showgirls"

9. "Austin Powers: Goldmember"

10. "The Naked Gun"

By the way, the worst and most-overrated goofie moovie of all time: "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." But that's me, and, like I said, I may just be weird.


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